Monday, December 04, 2006


Yep, the bar is sold, at last.

It took only 6 weeks.

As a rule, the buyer is a Thai lady who is dreaming about bar business, but the money is coming from abroad, from her boyfriend/husband. In this case the money was coming from Japan.

Asked price was 500 thousand baht, but I was forced to make a discount, 50 thousand, because the buyer did not understand that she will be obliged to renew contract with the land lord in next January. It ment for her more 100 thousand. But, honestly, even 450 thousand was pretty good enough for me.

As told here before, I got the bar for 250 thousand plus the same contract fee, 100 thousand. Anyway, no win, no loose. Back to square No 1.

As promised, analysis will follow soon.


Anonymous said...

please tell us where you end up. It's been interesting following your blog. Let us know what's next.

Anonymous said...

Yes, nice blog, maybe one day i will start some bar in Phuket :) just for funny, i think.
Pls write more and hope you are OK!

Anonymous said...

Like every story in Thailand :( every know that, no one have happy end... is because of Thailand :)

Anonymous said...

Yes :) :( because of weather there, and girls, and singha, and money... :)