Thursday, January 27, 2011

Just another case

It is a beer bar not very far from Walking Street, just a step off Beach Road, together with a couple of bars in a cluster.

I used to stop at this particular bar very many times. Just for a fun and some comversations. I'd like their attitude.

At this time it seems there was a party. You know, colourful balloons, loud music, free food for all customers. I, like everyone else, were cordically invited.

A farang from England was having his last-night-in-Thailand and birthday party with his girlfriend, appearantly from this particular bar.

I had a small talk with mamasan/owner. This Englishman was their regular customer for last two weeks, for all his holiday. Having happy days and nights with the same girl from the same bar.

The mamasan told me that there was seven girls among her bar ladies who get married with farang men last year.