Thursday, January 18, 2007

Conclusions (1)

First of all: the bar business is not a real business. It's something like a hobby. You can never make money with your bar, although sometimes you can enjoy profit, too. I've seen many bar owners, talking with them, asking details of their businesses, and the conclusion was just the same always.

Besides, how to recognize the owner in particular bar? Just look carefully, and if you can see a farang drinking and sitting in the bar without a bill on front of him, you are right. Another clue: if somebody in the bar seems to be too concerned about everything or if he makes something not usual, e.g. emptying ash trays, switching TV channels etc, it's your turn to ask him: "How is the business?"

In Pattaya there are hundreds of bars for sale always. Some people are trying to start, some are trying to survive, some are looking for quick sale. I think, an average bar business lasts approximately 6 to 12 months. If you can run your bar more than one year, you are happy. One more thing: after the first year the regular customers will coming back again and again.

And after the third year you may give me reply: "The business? Extremely well."