Friday, January 06, 2012

Alternatives (1)

What are alternatives, if you don't like to run a bar anymore?

Keep in mind, that not everything is possible in Thailand, especially if you happen to be just a farang, i.e. nobody, at least for Thai authorities. You cannot work without work permit, you cannot start any business without licences etc. In fact, you cannot even play flute on street corner in hope to collect some coins.

However, there are lot of alternatives.

Long time ago I noticed a young Thai lady in Bangkok wearing t-shirt with text: "Yes, I can". It seemed to me like an attractive design idea, but I never found that shirt anywhere on market stalls.

What are the main ideas on t-shirts? - To show, who you are, what do you believe, where do you belong etc.

But there is just another section more. The shirt or another piece of clothing can show your attitude. Even more. It can talk besides of you.

For example, the young lady with text, "Yes, I can", get more attention. Furthermore, it makes much easier for her to communicate with other people.

If we think about Pattaya, especially on Walking Street at night, where the sounds are so loud that you cannot even talk with each other normally. Why not to have a t-shirt with a message which can start a conversation effortlessly?

That's the idea.

Let your apparel makes opening for you. Have fun.

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