Tuesday, October 17, 2006


Although the bar is now open, it's for sale. The main reason: separation between me and my wife, Lord. Yap, personal relations can affect business seriously sometimes.

It's not the best time for selling. High season is just coming; many friends are on their way, including visitors of this blog. Sorry about that, but there was almost no choice for me.

Right now the bar is running under the next bar's management.

The asking price is 550 thousand baht. For friends interesting in buying there are discounts available sure.

Conclusions and analysis will follow.

Friday, October 13, 2006


Though some of our ladies decided to take a short vacancy, the bar is closed for a couple of days at the moment. It seems to be good time to introduce our staff.

Ying is eighteen. She came from Nakhon Ratchasima district, or simply, from Korat, North-East region of Thailand, also known as Isan province.

Her family has rural background. Ying has one brother and one sister.

She is always in good mood, joking, smiling, and flirting.

Favorite drink: Bacardi Breezer Lemon.

English: very basic.

Thursday, October 05, 2006


Since June 2006 we have 1000 unique visitors in this blog. Where are you coming from?

Take a look: top 50!

1. Estonia-Tallinn
2. Thailand-Bangkok
3. United States-Chicago
4. Estonia-Tartu
5. Singapore-Singapore
6. France-Paris
7. Estonia-Peetri
8. Estonia-Pärnu
9. Australia-Ashfield
10. United Arab Emirates-Dubai
11. United States-Orlando
12. United States-Prince Frederick
13. United Kingdom-Foy
14. Estonia-Kohtla-Järve
15. Netherlands-Bergen Op Zoom
16. United States-San Jose
17. Hungary-Budapest
18. Australia-Perth
19. Estonia-Miiduranna
20. Estonia-Haapsalu
21. Australia-Melbourne
22. United States-Cincinnati
23. Estonia-Rakvere
24. Netherlands-Amsterdam
25. Netherlands-Rotterdam
26. Estonia-Nõmme
27. Ireland-Dublin
28. Finland-Helsinki
29. Belgium-Gent
30. United States-Churchville
31. Saudi Arabia-Riyadh
32. Russian Federation-Moscow
33. Estonia-Harkujärve
34. Estonia-Reiu
35. Malaysia-Selangor
36. Estonia-Kose
37. Finland-Kajaani
38. Germany-Hamburg
39. Japan-Tokyo
40. United States-Baltimore
41. Iceland-Reykjavík
42. Estonia-Ülenurme
43. Belgium-Lubbeek
44. United Kingdom-Lymm
45. United Kingdom-Milton Keynes
46. Hong Kong-Central District
47. Canada-Calgary
48. Estonia-Ämari
49. France-Clermont
50. United Kingdom-Staines