Friday, March 19, 2010

Ghost Tower

Where was this photo taken?

This castle is not known even for many long time residents here.

Although it should be one of the most extravaganzas in Pattaya - an entertainment centre, club, discotheque:


But now it's like a Ghost Tower - forgotten, empty and scary.

Located in the corner of South Road and Sukhumvit road. Across the South Road there is Big C supermarket.

Syrrealistic views anyway.

Especially with closer look.

Sic transit gloria mundi, as it said in Latin.

The bottom line: 'running a bar in Pattaya' is not an easy task for anybody.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Appendix: People Watch

In very many times, when I'm working on something intellectual, writing or composing some stories or articles, and if I can not find the right way to continue - I go out, sit somewhere and just looking people going by. And my mind is going clearer, and soon I can realize, can understand, can take right decisions etc.

It's amazing, indeed. Like a fresh air is coming or like a new light or feeling something.

Sometimes I think, it's like a mystery. You are just sitting, watching people - and you really get something. Something valuable. From who? From the people walking by? - Yes it seems so. Like you get some sort of energy from them.

And, don't forget, just a couple of minutes before you were walking by and other people were watching you. And they got something from you, too. Maybe.

Anyway, this phenomena seems to be so valuable, that, for example, the right spots for people watch in Walking Street area ask for beer even more than they do in go-go bars! Amazing. It means, the naked girls are less valuable to watch than just wandering humans on the street, aren't they?

If comparing Bangkok and Pattaya, I prefer the latest any time.

Because in Bangkok you can find maybe ten or so right spots for that kind of entertainment, and only for couple of hours, with limited views and types of mankind.

On the other hand, in Pattaya here is the full opportunity to watch people, if you like, even 24 hours around. All kinds of human existence and behavior, you know what I mean.

Of course, the main area is infamous Walking Street. The both sides of the street, some 800 meters along, are good. And there are lot of people doing the same. And there are some very special spots, too. You can even sit behind the glass, in air conditioned environment, with some very attractive girls, just 50 cm away from the 'event'. See everything. Enjoying. (It's the new establishment opposite of 'Happy Go-go', named "Teazers".)

You can not be bored. But if you are, here in Pattaya you can find more opportunities for your favorite pass time.

Soi Buakhao, for example. A lot of spots. One of my favorites is the 'Whitherspoons', a British pub on the corner of Soi Diana.

Or just go to the 'Big C' area on Second Road. Or find your best in Soi 7/8 area. You can find a lot of other places and spots, indeed.

The bottom line.

I'm living in Pattaya more than five years, and there are two main reasons for that. First of all, it's "sanuk". You know, what it means. It's the same all around Thailand, indeed. But for the second, it's just the opportunities for people watch, uncomparable with any other region or area.

Just the perfect city, just the perfect place, that is Pattaya for me.