Thursday, December 14, 2006

Analysis (2)

Staff matters, as told here before.

Although you are the "owner", you cannot work, because you have no work permit normally. Your wife/girlfriend has to act as "boss" in the bar. But, are you sure she can? Besides, sometimes you want to take a vacancy, travel around the country, see her parents etc. Who takes care when you both are away?

You need an old lady in the bar, called "mama-san". The mama-san should be the key person in the bar, taking care of all the ladies, customers, stock etc. If your lady happens to be not old enough, she cannot act as mama-san.

This was our big mistake: we had no mama-san. My wife was too young for routine work in bar, and all other ladies were very young, too. Nobody had adequate experience and this leads to anarchy. Sometimes the ladies just walked away, to the discotheques or with friends. Sometimes my own wife just made the same. Sometimes I was forced to sit in my bar together with few ladies and with no customers for hours. It's sad to tell now, but the initial mistake was made and there was no chance to improve the situation anymore.

Of course, we tried to hire a mama-san after a month or two after opening, but for this time the set of ladies was established already and a new person was not acceptable for anybody.

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